The Final Year Project (FYP) is a capstone that brings together academic and professional skills acquired in the programme. Under the guidance of a supervisor, the student will identify a suitable research or portfolio topic; find research materials; narrow the topic; read, evaluate, and interpret materials; write, edit, and polish, and, finally, document and present the work.

Each concentration requires a different type of project:

LSE concentration – an academic research paper on literary analysis

EPC concentration – an academic research paper on language studies OR a professional communication portfolio 

TESOL concentration – an academic research paper on applied linguistics

In addition, an option of a creative writing portfolio is open to students in any ELLS concentration who have received a C or higher grade in a creative writing course. It is intended to give serious writers an opportunity to complete a significant body of creative writing as well as a critical essay which together form a portfolio.

Students are expected to follow the project proposal/outline submitted at the end of the second semester of Year 3 and to conduct an independent project (FYP I) during the first semester of Year 4. Based on the quality of work completed before the second meeting of project consultation, they will be advised by faculty on whether to continue their project to FYP II in the second semester of Year 4. 

All students will meet individually with a faculty member at least two or three times per semester to discuss the direction and progress of the project. Students should bring in evidence which documents the progress during the meetings. 

The Final Submission of FYP I must be between 3500 and 8000 words, excluding tables, references and appendices.